What can I do with SongMe?
With SongMe I can send short music clips together with my text message.

Which categories of music clips do exist?
I can choose between 2 categories: ''Greeting & wishes'' ( happy, birthday, merry christmas, happy new year, congratulations etc.) and ''Love & devotion'' ( I love you, I was just thinking of you, I wanna see you tonight, miss you etc.)

Are the song clips male or female?
All clips exist in male and female version.

How can my recipient listen to the clip?
Music will play automatically by clicking the link

How can I send a music clip?
Some mailing apps can be opened directly from SongMe with the link already filled in (like mail, whatsapp, sms, iMesseges or twitter). Or I can simply copy the desired link into another mailing app of my choice (facebook messenger..)

Does the recipient need to have SongMe to be able to listen to the song clip?
No, it will work anyhow. Only to be able to send music clips you need to have SongMe.

Which clips are available until now?
The current clip list is here.

Will there be more clips in the future?
We are constantly working on new clips and improving SongMe 's technology.

Can I send SongMe as a gift?
Yes, just click function ''buy as a gift'' in the App store.

Is SongMe also available for Android smartphones?
We are working on it. Just give us a few weeks...

Are the SongMe song clips known from the radio?
No. SongMe has only original song clips which are produced exclusively for our users. This increases the personal note of your message.

Does SongMe work offline?
No. SongMe needs internet connection to get links from our Server. If you are offline, you can only listen to songs.

How long are my links valid
Links created for Facebook or twitter sharing are 7days valid. All others are valid until they reach 50 klicks. Of cause you can create unlimited links.

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