With the brand new App called SongMe you can send, in addition to your text message, short song clips of your choice. The meaning is to add to your message more personal touch, more emotion and course the recipient more fun and feeling. The adressee will be surprised and recieve your message much more intense.

You can choose between 2 categories:

Greetings and wishes
here you can find the common options like: happy birthday, happy new year, congratulations, merry christmas, happy eastern etc.
Love and devotion
here it' s getting more personal and intim: I love you, miss you, i wanna see you tonight, I send you a kiss, chill with me....
In case you' re angry with somebody you' ll find also: freak off, you' re stupid ....

SongMe exists in 2 versions:
SongMe lite: this one is for free to check out if you like the App. You can listen to all songs but send only some of them.

SongMe: is the name of the full version. You can choose between 27 song clips, both in female and male versions, and send them as often as you like

In upcoming updates there will be more song clips of both categories. Check it out and soon you don't want to send or revieve your messages with something else than SongMe.
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